Colored Clay Series
Blue & green circle design 11 inch white
stoneware plate
Colored Clay coil vase with soda
ash glaze
8 inch colored clay thrown bowl in shades
of blue and grey
All of the designs are made with colored porcelain clay or colored
slip, hand colored by the artist, and glazed with a clear gloss
glaze or a soda ash glaze finish.  
These pieces make wonderful unique and unusual gifts that are
also functional.
Impressed red & blue feather design
white stoneware 10 inch plate
7 inch dish with colored slip stencil
and colored clay flower
Etched colored slip 12 inch wide low bowl
Black multi colored
colored slip etched
design 12 inch vase
12 inch low bowl with colored clay spirals.
Blue Poppy Bowl
White stoneware bowl embellished with
colored porcelain flowers.  11 inches wide
by 2.75 inches high.  Hand wash.
4 inch hinged box with etched colored slip
6 inch rectangular box with Mokume Gane
colored clay design
9 inch oval tray with colored clay spirals
8 inch colored clay thrown bowl in shades
of blue
3 inch hinged box with black stencil design
12 inch vase with colored
slip design