Gabrielle Nappo
Contemporary Clay Designs
My life with clay started upon my retirement from the corporate world in 2001. I was able to take
classes with a master potter and participate in different workshops to further my knowledge of
the craft.

The many trips I have taken overseas visiting the historical areas of different cultures as well as
my textile design background play an important role in my designs.  I recently began working in
porcelain colored with ceramic stains.  The different patterns such as stripes, checks,
herringbones or abstract designs are used as decorative accents in my work.  The patterns are
either laminated onto white porcelain or used as a whole to create the entire piece so that the
design goes through from front to back.

The work is formed using both wheel and hand building techniques and fired to cone 6 in an
electric kiln. The process requires much thought and preparation during all phases of the work,
which keeps the mind very active !!!  My work is both functional and decorative. I create pieces
for everyday use that are functional but can also be considered a piece of art.
All of the functional ware is food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.

I also utilize the colored clay designs to create beads and pendants.  These are made into
earrings and necklaces that are lightweight and fun to wear.

What intrigues me about the craft is that I am a designer, a crafts person, a business manager,
a chemist and a retailer.  I have fallen in love with all aspects of the process, designing,
throwing, trimming, hand building, glazing, firing and decorating.  Most of all I love what I do
M.A. Textile Design - Kean University, Union N.J.
B.A.  Art Education -   Kean University, Union N.J.

Member of Naples Art Association
Member of Naples ArtCrafters
Dayton Visual Arts Center
 Dayton, Ohio
Rosewood Art Center
 Kettering Ohio
Naples Florida

Springboro Ohio